Bracelet sizes & measurement

There is nothing worse than having a loose bracelet which catches on your clothes, other accessories or objects or too tight which is uncomfortable and leaves impression marks on your skin. 

That’s what makes Megberry beaded bracelets special – they are made just for you! Made to fit the exact size of your wrist perfectly so you feel comfortable all day long. 

Choosing the right bracelet size also prolongs its life.

All Megberry elasticated beaded bracelets are made with a high-quality elasticated cord which stretches enough so you can put on and take off your bracelet without any effort.

Measuring your wrist circumference

Before placing an order we strongly recommend you to measure your wrist circumference using a tape measure, string and a ruler, a piece of paper and ruler or using our printable Size measuring tool, which you can DOWNLOAD here.

Please wrap the measure (string, paper) all the way around your wrist and make a note with your wrist circumference. When placing and order, please choose your wrist size from the drop down menu on the right side of every product page.

Once we have your wrist size we will add about 1 cm (1/2 inch) to this size to make the bracelet comfortable to wear.

If you prefer looser bracelet, please pick slightly larger wrist size when you placing an order or send us an email with the desired size.

If you are still not sure how to measure your wrist circumference or you need additional help choosing the right size please do not hesitate to contact us at