Jewellery Care

Taking care of your Megberry Jewellery will prolong its life.

We recommend our customers to take off their Megberry bracelets and necklaces before bed or practising any extreme physical activities.

Please do NOT wear in the shower, in salty sea water, when sunbathing or in contact with chlorinated pool water. 

Please keep away from harsh chemicals.

Avoid using perfumes, body lotions, hair sprays and other cosmetics. Apply these before you put on your jewellery.

Store your jewellery in its original Megberry pouch or wrapped individually in a jewellery box to avoid scratches. Keep it away from heat and direct sunlight. Sterling Silver and Gold Filled jewellery which you don’t wear that often please keep in a zip-lock plastic bag in your jewellery box. This will prevent oxygen and humidity to destroy the metal quality.

How to clean your Megberry jewellery:

Sterling Silver tarnishes overtime. It became darker and dull. The best and harmful way to clean it is by using Sterling Silver polishing cloth. Regular wear or regular polishing will prevent your Sterling Silver jewellery pieces from tarnishing. 

A large part of our Megberry designs is made from Sterling Silver and Semi-precious gemstones and pearls. We do not recommend cleaning these jewellery pieces with commercial silver cleaners as polishes and dips. They will damage the quality of the gemstones and the pearls. Please use only Sterling Silver Polishing cloth in this case.

Gold Filled and Gold Vermeil are cheaper alternatives of the solid Karat Gold. Gold Vermeil is a thin layer of Gold bonded to Sterling Silver. Gold Filled is when a layer of Gold is bonded to other metal like Brass or Copper. Gold Filled jewellery is safe for most people with sensitive skin. 

The biggest enemy of the Gold Filled, Gold Vermeil and Gold plated jewellery is the humidity. Please keep these pieces in dry boxes not exposed to sunlight. If you don’t wear for a long period please keep them in zip-lock plastic bags in your jewellery box. Clean Gold Filled jewellery with cloth or mild soapy water.

We recommend using only a clean damp cloth when cleaning Gemstone jewellery. Most of the stones are very porous, chemicals and water can damage their quality and provide discolouration.